Serving China through Education development

ESEC's Total Immersion Program (TIP) is designed to serve China in the realm of English education development in especially China’s underserved provinces. We desire that our service to, and our work together with the Chinese, reflects the spirit of Christ’s love for all people.

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We invite you to consider joining us this July or August as we are given the opportunity to love, train and empower hundreds of teachers from cities and villages across this beautiful country. TIP provides us with a great opportunity to build relationships with our students, all the while coming alongside them with training and encouragement to improve their spoken English and teaching skills. As the summer is quickly approaching, we would love for you to consider joining our 2019 Summer Team.
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Since 1981, ESEC has served China through education development. Our main focus today is training Chinese English teachers from all over China, through ESEC's Total Immersion Program, equipping them to conduct effective English classes. We have trained thousands of teachers from almost every province in China and every ethnic minority group.
ESEC primarily seeks to encourage and empower schools and their teachers from China’s western regions. By reaching out to these rural and impoverished areas, ESEC is sending educational aid to where it is needed most. As a Christian organization operating in China, we desire that our service and presence in China reflects the spirit of Christ’s love.

Longer-term Job Openings

Class Facilitator - Full Time -
(6-12 months)

Our facilitators lead dynamic conversational group activities and classes, teach about culture and values, and spend individual time with students outside the classroom. Your Job will take you to classrooms all throughout China, which will make you experience the wide range of the cultures, foods, and landscapes China has to offer.

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Ed. Specialist
- Full Time -
(12-24 months)

As ESEC’s Education specialist, you will regularly visit local schools in districts across the country, spending quality time with teachers in observing their classrooms, coaching them in their teaching, and organizing professional development seminars and workshops.  

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Prog. Manager
- Full Time -
(18-24 months)

ESEC's Total Immersion Program trains and equips roughly 8000 Chinese English teachers each year and impacts the lives of 10.000's of their students. As TIP's Program Manager, you are in charge of the day-to-day running of the program, and help lead and empower ESEC's foreign staff team in the their teaching assignments.

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You can find us here:

China Offices

Peking University, Changping Campus
(Near Xishankou Subway)
Changping, Beijing, China


USA Office

Alhambra, CA
91801, USA


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