1 Year In… Qinghai Teachers Showcase Creativity


IMG_3657Toward the end of the school year, ESEC completed another successful trip to Qinghai, Huang Zhong, for more classroom evaluations, some school activities as well as pronunciation interviews.  We are thankful to Father God for His blessings and guidance.

qinghai-2Trainers visited five combined primary- and middle-school campuses and caught up with this year’s 60 teachers as well as some from the previous programs. Huang Zhong trainers joined the activities as we evaluated nearly 30 teachers, and ESEC trainers gave pronunciation interviews to 48 teachers.

We were blessed to visit two new schools this trip and excited to meet and talk with the students again who had yet to meet a foreigner. The students joy for English learning is evident everywhere we go.  In one class, the 70 3rd graders wanted our signatures and a group picture, of course. Two of the schools serve mostly Muslim communities. In the past, many students didn’t always come to school. But these days more of the students attend and complete the compulsory primary and middle school education that is provided.

The primary and middle school teachers were a bit nervous, yet enthusiastic. They have made a lot of progress this year, and we were impressed and proud of their accomplishments. They have learned to incorporate more creative learning and higher-level thinking activities. Many received excellent marks for using the TIP 16 Attributes successfully. We are proud and thankful for their progress.

walker-primaryWalker (pictured), a primary school teacher, led his students in a “shopping” activity where all of the students chose roles and performed their tasks in English for more than 20 minutes of the class. Walker said, “I’m always trying to learn new things and help my students be active.”

Several middle school teachers also Resa-middleschoolincorporated successful student-centered activities into their teaching and learning. Students in Jane’s 8th grade class drew pictures of the famous places they were learning about. Res (pictured) had her 8th graders work in groups often and practice the grammar in interesting ways. The students even got to stand up in class and move around… nice!

Summer holiday usually begins by mid-July. We pray that the teachers and students can be refreshed during the break and be ready for more creative and joyful classroom learning in the year ahead.