Attributes Training Continues in Qinghai – April 2016


IMG_1825IMG_2047IMG_2174ESEC continued evaluations and training in the Huang Zhong school district, in the northwestern province of Qinghai. More than 60 additional teachers are in the training program and studying and using the TIP 16 Teacher Attributes training.

This visit, teachers studied how to incorporate into their skill-set the final five attributes, including Student-Ability to Self Learn and Community Learning. These more high-thinking level techniques are challenging for the teachers to understand and use, yet the teachers are excited and willing to learn, study and try out the new ideas.

A third of the teachers also gave lessons and received feedback and advice from trainers and peers. All the teachers were confident English speakers and more and more junior middle school teachers are using active speaking and listening  in their clasIMG_1967srooms. We continue to encourage all the teachers to give their students more time to work in pairs and groups on their own and to lead their students to “learn to learn.” The students in each classroom were active and excited to talk, do projects and try new things. We were pleased to travel to four schools during the trip, including one new school that we had never been to before.

Here are take-aways that the teachers shared at the end of the training.

Jody, middle school teacher:   “My goal is to try to make students speak more and do more. I am always worried that the studentsIMG_2063 can’t do many things alone in class. In fact,we have no confidence for them. Also we should encourage them to create something new. If so, they will feel successful and be more interested in studying English.”

Lily, primary and middle school teacher:  “In   our  class, we  must  believe   Ss  can   study    by  themselves   and     help   each   IMG_2241other. If   we   give   more  time   and   chance to   them to think and  create, they  can  remember  more   clearer  than  repeat  all the time. They   can  really  know  how to use   in   their life.”

Sharon, middle school teacher:  “Teachers IMG_2205should make sure every student joins in learning. Some Ss are not as good at speaking, but they can write. Some Ss are not as good at speaking and writing, but they can draw and perform.”

Vivian, primary school teacher:  “My class has changed a lot. I lead my students to learn and do together by themselves. My class is more active and my students enjoy learning. Thank you for your advice and suggestions.”

IMG_1839Jessie, middle school teacher:  “As a teacher, what you want your students to be,  you must be first.  The biggest challenge for me is to change myself to be full of passion and raise Ss’ passion through my own passion. Maybe everyone would like english learning!”IMG_2001

Please continue to lift up their studies, their students and the communities!