classroom evaluations and Attribute training – Qinghai round 2


IMG_3398IMG_3230IMG_3162ESEC staff paid a second visit this year to the Huang Zhong school district in Qinghai where more than 60 teachers are training on how to use the TIP 16 Teacher Attributes in their classrooms.

This was the first time we watched and evaluated some of the teachers in the current program. We are excited that this is the third set of teachers that ESEC has trained in Huang Zhong. The English environment continues to gain strength. Upon our arrival, trainers and teachers can carry on conversations without missing a beat!

This trip, many teachers showed excellent lessons where they created joy in the classroom while teaching in English and encouraging their students to speak and use English. The teachers were creative and confident. The students were enthusiastic and excited English speakers and enjoyed interacting and giving high-fives!

IMG_3502Twenty-four teachers were evaluated on five of the Attributes that they had previously studied and practiced, including Attitude, Learning Environment and Communication. Each day, one-fourth of the teachers met with the trainers at a nearby school, reviewed the training content and watched TIP teacher-led lessons together. ESEC and Huang Zhong trainers gave advice and scores. We had a blessed time of sharing and learning!

  • IMG_3542Annie, a middle school teacher said, “I learned from watching the other teachers today that I should be more patient and relaxed when I speak and teach. The students will understand me more clearly.”
  • Lily, a primary school teacher said, “At TIP I got more confidence in learning English. During this Attributes training, I have confidence to teach in English and help my students be more interested in English.”
  • Phoebe, a middle school teacher said, “I need to let my students talk more and encourage them to be active.”

IMG_3498The last day of the visit included another hands-on training day. All the teachers and trainers gathered together to study and learn how to use the next set of Teacher Attributes. This time we studied how to be organized, student-centered and creative! The Attribute-focus included Classroom Cooperation, Student Interest, Student-Centered Learning and Taxonomy of Thinking.

Less than a few days after the training, several teachers had already put the activities into practice and shared their results.

-6fa0c278021d12d8 83ed69e661db7c0IMG_3587Sara said, “Thank you for your help! I think the “number” game is useful, and I used it in my lesson today. My students were very excited. Next, I let the Ss design their own ad in groups and try to buy and sell some things by themselves. They were more active! It’s easy for them to learn this way. ”

God is good! And we had a blessed time. As it is the Christmas season, we celebrated a happy time together remembering all the learning gifts that we have received! We hung our successes on the Christmas trees!

Thanks for lifting up all of the training activities and the teachers and students!