graduation day for 100 teachers in Qinghai


IMG_3320They have graduated! The 2013-2015 class in Huang Zhong, Qinghai completed their requirements for the TIP Teacher Certification program. Our Father God is faithful and helped the students learn, grow and be successful

ESEC staff spent 10 days on the road, evaluating some of the 100 teachers who have participated in program. Ninety-seven teachers were able to complete the requirements.

IMG_3176Staff traveled dirt roads, spent days at schools with no running water, and said hello to thousands of students and hundreds of teachers. The students, teachers and leaders in Qinghai have a lot of endurance. The Huang Zhong lead trainer estimated that we traveled 1600 km by car over the past two years (not counting our air travel from Beijing). We are thankful to Father God that the teachers have improved a lot over the past two years, and the students are more confident in speaking English and interested in class. It was satisfying to see their progress and listen to their summary presentations.

IMG_0397A meaningful closing ceremony and celebration was held on June 29.

Emily, a middle school teacher, said, “In the past, I just let the students remember the words and sentences. Now, I let my students USE the words and sentences. They can discuss the words, and they can enjoy learning English. Even the students can get a higher score on the exam this last term. I’m very happy.”

IMG_3284IMG_3327Anna, a middle school student, had this to say about her teacher: “Since she took part in TIP, she is more patient and friendly than before. Now she encourages us and we are sure everything is possible, if we just have a try. We can make a mistake, it’s okay!”

Linda, a teacher and trainer, said, “We are happy at TIP. And we are changing ourselves every day. We have learned that team work and pair work are important.We also have learned that practice is the most important.”

The teachers have given their students more time to talk in the classroom and more time to do activities. We saw a lot of changes in the classes even between November 2014 and June 2015. It has been challenging at times, but they have persevered. Thank you to everyone for your prayer support during this journey.

We are also grateful to report that 70 new teachers from Huang Zhong will join TIP for this summer session and plans call for another 2-Year Certification program for this new group beginning September 2015. It is all possible by His grace and mercy.