Guizhou Teacher Certification Training Begins


Ss-groupc trainersc-sarah jun-trainerIn Guizhou Province, ESEC trainers and staff trained 108 teachers plus 12 teacher “trainers” in implementing TIP’s 16 Teacher Attributes in the Panxian school district. Similar to the 2-Year Teacher Certification Program in Qinghai, we are training teachers how to smile often, use body language and pair work and group work in the classroom. Except in Guizhou, they want us to be finished in 6-8 months! Regardless of the turnaround, the training and practical activities were productive and successful.120Ts

We spent 2.5 days with the teachers studying the first Attributes, such as Attitude, Learning Environment, Communication, Student Interest and Student-Centered Learning. Then we spent another 2.5 days with the 12 “trainers” schooling them in our evaluation methods and teaching them how to analyze their colleagues. We watched 10 primary and middle school teachers as part of the training practicums and learned that the teachers have a lot of habits to change to meet the standards we have introduced. Yet everyone was willing to smile and speak English for the most part. It was a blessing to help them!

And the trainers are interested and optimistic about their involvement and their growth. T-pain, who named himself after a rapper, said he was “so thankful for all that I have learned from you this week.” Janny, a lower-confidence speaker, said she wants to improve her teaching and her English, so she is grateful to be part of the training team even though it’s not an easy task. We are thankful we get to spend time with the teachers and trainers in a meaningful exchange. TIP originally trained nearly 2,000 of the Panxian teachers in Beijing between the years 2010-2013. Please remember to pray for them that they may be successful in their endeavors.