school year begins – training continues in Qinghai


DSC00646DSC08351DSC08495kl kids wForty-seven (47) teachers were evaluated by ESEC trainers and Huang Zhong trainers on all 15 TIP Teacher Attributes, which they have studied and practiced over the past school year (2013-2014). This marked the end of the first year of study and training and the beginning of the second year of the Teacher Certification program for this teacher group. They are scheduled to complete their studies in fall of 2015.

We were thankful to see that more teachers continued to specifically use Classroom Cooperation, Student Interest, Student-Centered Learning and Motivation techniques and activities in their classroom and attempted to get their students to speak and use the language more effecitvely. Nearly 90% of the teachers evaluated have earned satisfactory to excellent marks in the area of Student Interest (SI), while 95% of teachers earned satisfactory to excellent marks in Communication . Many teachers are still learning how to incorporate Taxonomy of Thinking and Community Learning skills into their weekly lessons; yet they are making progress. Please keep them in prayer!

June said: “Thanks for helping us. We improved a lot this year. I will work hard in my future life and remember your advice. I walking copy 2 wreally thank you .”

We traveled to five different schools and saw many new students. The students were  enthusiastic learners, even though it was the beginning of the school year. The teachers continued to try new skills for learning and teaching English. Sometimes it was challenging for them, but they are persevering. We provided the teachers with many new student-centered activity “lessons” they can use to engage their students and foster their ability to think and create in English. We look forward to seeing their fruits of their labors during the next visit.

ESEC staff are scheduled to return to Qinghai in early December to evaluate another 53 teachers.