student recruitment in the northeast


kinder-universityESEC trainers and staff took a trip to do some student recruitment and meet with education leaders. We held demonstration classes in Harbin, located in the most northeastern province near Russia. We traveled to five different universities over three days and met more than 1,000 students. Many of the students were enthusiastic participants – even if they didn’t know exactly why they were part of the class! We made a lot of new friends and connected with some partners. It was a successful time. Praise God!

winter-suiling2After a week in the city, we traveled another 3 hours north to the frozen countryside. We gave an all-day training for 200 teachers, who also brought along some of their suiling-traing3students. We were invited to the school district by two teacher trainers who had participated in TIP’s August 2014  session in Changping. The trainers are hoping that more of their teachers could join in future sessions.

dinner-farmershous2Native English speakers seldom make it to this county, and everyone was anxious to talk and show us their hospitality. The teachers said they gained a lot, and their students were also enthusiastic and excited participants. We enjoyed celebrating the Christmas season with them and sharing interactive ways to engage students in English class. The trip was a success in that the education bureau in Suiling, Heilongjiang, is interested in holding a TIP for all their students near their hometown. Many details are still pending, but we were blessed to know that we were able to share many tips and skills during our short visit.


One university student said: “I have learnt a lot. Thanks for telling us how to study English well. We had a good time yesterday. Now, I am active in English class.”

A Suiling teacher said:  “I learned that I should make my English class more interesting and talk in English often. I should sing songs and do activities. The students will enjoy and learn.”