Teacher Training in Hebei – Successful and Blessed!


thankfulness activity
ESEC staff offered a 3-day 16 Teacher Attributes training in Hebei to give the leaders and teachers a taste of the curriculum, that offers practical teaching skills, hands-on teacher evaluation and diction training. Thirty teachers from Handan and Xingtai were selected to take part in the training, which introduced them to all of the Teacher Attributes from Attitude and Student Interest to Thinking, Leadership and Professionalism.teachers teaching

The students were a wonderful and interested group of primary, middle and senior school teachers. Their English confidence levels were mixed, yet their attitudes were all at the “yippee!” level. Staff worked 12-hour days to complete the activities in the short time period and help show the program’s strengths while sharing the love of teaching and importance of group handan

We all smiled, talked and thought a lot. The studenpairworkts said the course was successful and meaningful and that they would be recommending the program to their leaders. The leaders at the closing ceremony said they planned to introduce the 2-Year Attributes program to several school districts in the area. So…  negotiations are underway. Pray for the teachers for patience, endurance and lots of joy and also for a successful and meaningful cooperation.

Here are some comments from the teachers:  Allen Lee, a senior school teacher, said that she learned that she shouldn’t always be so serious. “I should smile more to my students and not often criticize them. These ideas are very practical and useful.” Amanda returned home and already was using the things in her classroom one day later. She said, “I find I am speaking more English at class. The students are happy to accept. I taught my daughter ‘Yippee!’ and she is very glad to teach it to her friend.” Vivi said she was thankful to catch the opportunity to attend. Another teacher didn’t have time to attend, so her leader asked Vivi to join. “I’m very thankful that I can come and take part. I will share a lot with my students – the Chicken Dance, the music, the games. All of it is useful for me.”

We are all thankful to our Heavenly Father for endurance, wisdom and joy that He offers along the way!