winter in Qinghai – learning to learn


teacher ss wkitty lrg grp wHZ dinner wlinda snow wlarg grp wHZ Teacher grp wESEC trainers were blessed to visit our 200 teacher friends in Qinghai (northwestern China), watch their classes again and learn together. It was wonderful to celebrate Thanksgiving week together as we were all grateful for the gifts that we have received during our partnership these past 6 years. 

We are so proud of the teacher’s English speaking confidence and the warm smiles and friendly attitudes they have in their classrooms. It was a rewarding time, even as we continued to push more teachers to  use more student-centered learning in the classroom. Some of the teachers did it so well and others are determined that teacher-centered classrooms, especially in middle and senior schools, are the only way to get through the material and earn high enough marks. We really can’t blame them for their decisions, and they have made so much progress in many areas! Their schools get funding based on exam scores… so taking bigger risks it often a bit hard. Regardless, we are happy to find many ways to cooperate and learn together as they practice the TIP 15 Teacher Attributes! We managed to watch nearly 50 teachers in the classroom this trip. It hunt mike luc vwas exhausting mental work; but it was a meaningful time and rewarding for all involved. God is always faithful!

On the final day of training, four teachers showed their lessons and all 200 teachers learned from the experience. We saw two extraordinary student-centered classes (one primary and one secondary) and two very successful, albeit more teacher-centered classes, that included new ideas and TIP elements and also gave students time to speak and move around.  We were able to collect a variety of video clips to help other teachers from around China learn from these successful teachers.

Jane, a middle school teacher, gave her comments:  “You gave me a deeply impression after the training on Friday. After the training, I have changed a lot during the class. And I felt that the good teaching ways are really helpful. Thanks for your good advice.”